Portable Hunting Blind Trailers

Hunting Blind Enclosed Trailer


  • Take your ATV, UTV, or side by side with you, unload, then hunt from your trailer.
  • Use for storage or hauling during off season.
  • Options for handicap and wheelchair accessible.
  • Choose to insulate your trailer hunting blind to add comfort, with options for A/C and heat.
  • Endless customization – build the hunting blind you want, for any budget.
  • Sizes from 4’ x 6’ to 8.5’ x 34’ and anything in between.

GAS Trailers, a division of Gilreath Auto Sales LLC, loves to work with customers on custom projects.   We pride ourselves in helping customers get what they want at an extremely competitive price.  After a helping a customer build a portable hunting blind trailer for himself and his disabled father, we saw a need in our area for hunting blind that was reliable, competitively priced, multi-use,  and highly customizable.  After working with one of our trailer manufacturers, we believe we have created a product that meets that criteria.



This hunting blind cost estimator is provided for your reference only.  Our costs change continuously, so please note pricing may vary to some degree and prices are subject to change at any time.

You can pick V-nose or flat front, and rear ramp or swing door at no extra cost.  4’ wide trailers are available only with a rear swing door, and are not available with a side door.  5’ wide trailers are available with a side door at additional cost as noted below.  Trailer height is the approximate interior height; the clearance entering the door will be approximately 6” lower.  Prices include shipping to our lot in Knoxville, TN. 


Step 1 – Pick Your Base Trailer Size (other sizes available, these are examples only)

Base Price           W x L x H                              Axles

$1,599                   4’ x 6’ x 5’0”                        1

$1,849                   4’ x 6’ x 5’0”                        1

$2,049                   5’ x 8’ x 6’0”                        1

$2,399                   6’ x 10’ x 6’3”                      1

$2,499                   6’ x 12’ x 6’3”                      1

$3,599                   7’ x 12’ x 6’3”                      2

$3,899                   7’ x 14’ x 7’0”                      2              (Perfect for hauling golf cart or UTV/Side by Side)

$4,999                   8.5” x 20’ x 6’3”                 2              (Car Hauler)


Step 2 – Add Shooting Ports / Horizontal Fold Up Doors

Note – Doors and windows can be installed on front or V-nose of trailer; however, this is no recommended as they are more likely to leak in rain when travelling at high speeds.

$400                       36” wide x 20” tall with drip rail (price each)        

$450                       48” wide x 20” tall with drip rail (price each)


Step 3 – Select Exterior Primary Color

No Charge           Black, Charcoal, Silver, Pewter, Green, Blue, Red

$15 x length        Orange, Yellow (Multiply length of trailer x $15)


Step 4 – Select Exterior Trim and wheel Color

No Charge           Standard Silver/Aluminum

$300                       Blackout Package (black trim, latches, stone guard, tread plate up v-nose, and wheels)


Step 5 – Select Additional Options

$50                         Fold down trailer rear stabilizer jacks (HIGHLY recommended on hunting blind trailers)

$15                         Heavy duty D-rings in trailer floor (price each - $60 for 4)

$30                         Extra non-powered roof vent (1 included on all trailers 5’ wide and larger)

$15                         Extra 12 volt interior dome light (1 included on all trailers 5’ wide and larger)

$3 x length          Thermacool ceiling liner (multiple length of trailer x $3)

$30                         Brace and wire for A/C or heat

$850                       13.5 BTU A/C with heat strip (requires electric package)

$350                       Electric package (two 110 volt receptacles, two 4’ LED lights w/switch, panel box w/lifeline, cable hatch)

$32 x length        Finish walls and ceiling with white vinyl liner (multiple length of trailer x $32)

$53 x length        Insulate walls and ceiling AND finish walls and ceiling with white vinyl liner (multiply length of trailer x $53)


Numerous other options available – just email or give us a call.  This is only a sample of the most common options for Hunting Blinds.

New orders require a 10% deposit.  Contact us for current lead times.  Prices quoted are based on trailers from Anvil Manufacturing and are subject to change at any time.