About Us

Who We Are

Gilreath Auto Sales LLC ("GAS") is a family run business located in Knoxville, TN.  We have been very blessed, and the success of our other businesses allowed us to pursue our passion for motorsports, hotrods, RV's, camping, and custom golf carts.

How It Happened

Our average fun weekend starts with two weeks of preparation (repairing damaged race cars, routine maintenance, car setup, etc).  Two days before an event, we load 3-4 cars in the trailers and double check to make sure all of our tools, fuel, camping supplies, and luggage are ready to go.  Our travel day usually starts early, and we caravan to one of our favorite road courses around the Southeast.  Once we arrive, we meet up with old friends, make new friends, and spend several hours setting up our gear.  The next few days are a blur, as we alternate between pushing our cars to the limit on the track, making emergency repairs to keep our cars going, reviewing video to help shave the next tenth of a second off our lap time, and camping overnight on the paddock in the RV just so that we can be at the track as early as possible the next day.  When the fun is over, we pack up, drive home, and repeat the process. 

Like any good entrepreneur, we just couldn't let the hobbies we love go to waste by not turning them into a business.  When we realized that our hobby provided us with the knowledge, experience, and opportunity to test products we want to sell, GAS was born. 

The Team

Our eclectic "work family" includes not only relatives, but colleagues and business associates we have worked side by side with for years.  We benefit from decades of diverse experience including: ownership of two national independent insurance adjusting firms; commercial and residential general contracting; insurance salvage; overnight cabin rentals; Angus cattle farming; agritourism; software design/development; and non-profit partnerships.  

Our Mission

Our goal at GAS is to use our expertise with race cars, hot rods, trailers, toy haulers, campers, RV's, golf carts, and low speed vehicles to select and provide quality products and services to our customers.